Mini Squishable 10″ Plush Tarantula


Mini Squishable 10″ Plush Tarantula

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Mini Squishable 10″ Tarantula. You NEED this! I’ll give you eight reasons why you should buy this Mini Tarantula; 1) he’s not a REAL tarantula, 2) no webs to clean, 3) you can get over your arachnophobia through exposure therapy, 4) you don’t have to see it eat bugs, 5) other spiders in your house will cower in fear at its sheer size, 6) he’s a very good hugger, 7) you automatically become spider royalty, 8) an eighth reason!!! Yeah! I’d cuddle the heck out of that!

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Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in